Somali Government Offers Amnesty to Insurgent Fighters(Press release)

The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia has offered a general amnesty to insurgent fighters remaining in Mogadishu who give themselves up and renounce violence.

The offer of amnesty was adopted during an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, which was convened on Sunday to discuss the security situation in Mogadishu following the retreat from the city of the bulk of insurgent fighters.

Congratulating the Somali National Army (SNA) which, with the support of troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) had pushed the Al Qaeda-linked militants out of the capital, the Cabinet stressed that this was a tremendous step forward for the nation. It urged all Somalis in Mogadishu to work hand in hand with the government to secure the city and to report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

The Cabinet also agreed to the immediate establishment of a Special Forces unit within the Somali security forces which, for the time being, will be responsible for maintaining law and order in areas deserted by the extremists until the Somali Police Force can fully take over. The Government will ensure that all criminal activities will be dealt swiftly by the court in order to deter any attempts of hindering the on-going security operations.

The Cabinet was also cognizant of the need to strengthen security for humanitarian agencies as they deliver food and aid supplies to internally displaced persons. It underscored the fact that upholding the rule of law was the sole responsibility of Government security agencies, stating that no other force would be allowed to carry out such tasks within the capital. The Somali Government and AMISOM forces will not tolerate looters and politically motivated destabilization plots by anti-peace elements attempting to infiltrate and occupy newly liberated districts of Mogadishu.

The ministers strongly condemned Friday’s incident at Bad-baado camp which resulted in the deaths of three civilians, with another five wounded. The ministers said the incident had tarnished the image and reputation of the Somali people and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. The Prime Minister has ordered police commissioner, Chief Intelligence and Mogadishu Mayor to investigate the incident and report their findings to the Government.



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